TECHNOLOGY: Functional Biomarkers

Urine Sample for Functional Biomarker Testing

Urine samples are received at Ethos Laboratories the next business day after they are shipped.

LIS: Sample Log and Data Analysis Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Ethos uses a custom Laboratory Information System that automates much of the laboratory process from patient intake to custom report creation. The LIS software optimizes workflow, quality control, and data management by linking all of the equipment and processes together.

LC/MS/MS: Quantitative Testing (confirmation) Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)

The LC/MS/MS provides a confirmation test that will produce a quantitative result for functional biomarker levels. This quantitative result is then calculated with the creatinine value to determine if the result falls within the established normal range for each analyte.

Unlike gas chromatography, which is unsuitable for nonvolatile and thermally fragile molecules, liquid chromatography can safely separate a very wide range of organic compounds, from small-molecule drug metabolites to peptides and proteins. One advantage of liquid chromatography is the samples are not subjected to injection through a heated injection port. This advantage allows for the detection of target compounds that are typically labor intensive and tedious for GC/MS analyzers, if even possible. Ethos Laboratories uses liquid chromatography to confirm all sample results.

Report Summary: FB Report with History Specialized Reports

The functional biomarker (FB) report will include current and historic results for the patient displayed in graphs along with normal ranges and interpretive comments. This will allow the provider to identify changes in functional biomarkers over time and as a result of treatment. FB reports are available within 5 business days.